Best Tips for Cooking Indian Food

Best Tips for Cooking Indian Food

When it comes to cooking, there’s always some type of trick or tip to help you get just the right taste. In this regard, cooking Indian food can be a bit challenging due to the strong aroma and delicate subtleties of taste. Like any art, it’s a long road to mastery, but there are certain things you can do at home to bring the exotic Indian flair to your cooking, much like that of Tamba Lounge!

Known for our innovative twist on Indian delicacies, Tamba Lounge in Las Vegas offers some of the best in Indian cuisine, and we can help you with some cooking tips for such so you can try your own recipes at home. Let’s take a look.  

Indian Spices

A lot comes to mind when thinking of Indian food, but the main thing that stands out is spice. Spices are the most fundamental aspect of this kind of cooking and understanding the aromatics will better equip you for the wonderful world of Indian cooking.

The best way to understand different spices is to taste them. This is the only way to truly understand each flavor they bring to the plate. Eventually, you will have the knowledge of spices that will allow you to create a layered & sophisticated taste that is unique.


When cooking, especially Indian food, it is good to have everything ready so you can access whatever you need when necessary. This will make the process a lot less stressful and more enjoyable. Along with keeping everything organized it is necessary to have a sharp knife. The last step to proper organization is to study the recipe. This homework will not only make the cooking easier and more natural, it will help you with future cooking by knowing what goes well together.

Know the Meat

Meat is a world of its own. Whenever cooking with meat, it is important to have certain knowledge of where it comes from in the animal. Each animal is different and requires proper preparation and care. You don’t want to make your guests sick with bad chicken! Different cuts of meat also cook differently and in order not to burn them, you must be willing to do a little bit of studying.  

Culinary Awareness

One last tip is to keep a keen awareness of your food. Do not add the ingredients all at once, as the tastes will get mixed up and the dish will become cluttered. Remember to frequently taste the food as you prepare it to know what to add next or maintain the direction of the dish, but also be open for an unexpected turn the first few times cooking Indian cuisine. The important step is to have the confidence and freedom to venture into a new style of food.

For some inspiration with your cooking, come visit Tamba Lounge where you can experience a traditional and new style of Indian cuisine. For general inquiries give us a call at 702-858-7894.


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