How do Tandoor Ovens Work?

How do Tandoor Ovens Work?

Many forget how important the make and style of an oven can be on the food you cook. For example, the traditional tandoor oven can elevate any kind of Indian food from good to great. Whether by using clay or the modern stainless steel varieties, a tandoor is a must-have for any restaurant that claims to offer traditional Indian food. That said, we wanted to spend some time today discussing the tandoor oven and how it works!

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What is a Tandoor Oven?

Traditionally, the tandoor oven is a cylindrical clay pot used for cooking and baking. These ovens taper towards the bottom, where a heat source (charcoal or wood) radiates the heat up and out the top of the oven. There are a variety of ways to cook food with these ovens. For example, naan can be baked on the inside walls of the tandoor. Meats are often cooked on skewers, which can either be planted into the tandoor or hung over the mouth of the oven. The biggest advantage of tandoors, besides the versatility they offer, is that they’ll maintain their temperature for hours with little fuel required.

Why Use Tandoor Ovens?

So now that you have an understanding of how the tandoor works, it’s easier to understand why they’re still used today. Nothing really compares to cooking in a traditional clay tandoor, and they are vital in bringing out the perfect flavor in many of our Indian food dishes. Here are some traditional tandoor-cooked dishes:


  • Flatbread (naan)
  • Peshawari seekh
  • Balochi aloo
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Chicken tikka


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