Indian Cooking Tips

Indian food, when well-prepared, boasts some of the most delicious recipes you can find. Utilizing a wide variety of ingredients with some of the most flavorful spices in the world, Indian food stands out amongst the rest in the way it blends together different flavors and textures into its dishes. Preparing the perfect Indian dish

DIY Rogan Josh Recipe

Rogan Josh is one of the most beloved of Indian dishes. Whether you’ve had it at a restaurant or you’re hearing about this dish for the first time, you’ll no doubt enjoy this recipe when cooked at home. While it’s not the quickest, nor the easiest recipe out there, we guarantee it’ll be worth the

How do Tandoor Ovens Work?

Many forget how important the make and style of an oven can be on the food you cook. For example, the traditional tandoor oven can elevate any kind of Indian food from good to great. Whether by using clay or the modern stainless steel varieties, a tandoor is a must-have for any restaurant that claims

The History of Indian Food

Indian food has a reputation of being diverse, and there is good reason for this. Not only is India one of the largest countries in the world, but historically, India has traded with other cultures that have helped influence Indian cuisine. In fact, the history of Indian food is interesting because of all the various

The Best Indian Buffet in Las Vegas

The hardest part of eating out at Tamba Lounge is deciding which of our authentic Indian cuisines to choose from. While our dinner menu is full of some of the best Indian dishes in Sin City, it’s our lunch buffet that is the most popular. In fact, Our Indian buffet in Las Vegas is by

Traditional Indian Desserts

While India is known for its uniquely delicious entrees, it also boasts a number of world renowned desserts. With the clever use of ingredients like coconut and spices like cardamom, Indian desserts are some of the most unique and delicious out there. That being said, today we wanted to spend some time highlighting some of

Fun Facts About Indian Food

Throughout our previous blogs, we’ve discussed a variety of Indian dishes and spices, and sprinkled throughout those blogs you’ll find an array of interesting facts about Indian food. Indian food is truly as delicious as it is interesting. So we wanted to take some time to bring you some of the coolest facts about the

5 Essential Indian Food Spices

Have you ever wondered what makes Indian food so uniquely delicious? It might surprise you to learn that the answer to this question is found on a molecular level. But we don’t need to get too scientific. One of the reasons that Indian food is so delicious is because of the abundance of flavors found

From the Menu: Best Indian Food Recipes

Consisting of incredible vegetables, savory meats, a medley of spices, and much more, Indian cuisine is loved by many. No matter your palate, even the most picky of eaters can find an Indian dish they truly enjoy. From the soft and warm naan to delectable chicken tikka masala, Indian food is a must try. Fortunately,

Best Indian Dishes: What’s Your Favorite from Tamba?

Here at Tamba Lounge, we strive to provide Las Vegas with the best Indian food around, and we think our hard work is paying off. Pardon the self-promotion, but we’ve received some great reviews recently, and we’re proud to offer what’s considered the best Indian dishes Sin City has to offer. From our authentic and