Vegetarian Dining In Las Vegas

Vegetarian Dining In Las Vegas

People tend to visit Las Vegas in groups. While this makes the experience fun, it can be difficult to plan out meals when you all have different diets. If you are vegetarian, or have people in your group who are vegetarian, it can be a struggle to find the right restaurant for everybody. Luckily, there are options that can keep your entire party together and happy.

Tamba Lounge is an Indian restaurant that is both authentic and innovative. Our vibrant lounge brings style to your meal and has enough seating for 300. The menu honors the tradition of Indian food while also reinventing the food in an innovative way. Here is a look at our vegetarian meals that are available during our lunch buffet and dinner times.

Lunch Buffet

The lunch buffet is perfect for big groups, especially those who have members with little experience with Indian food. It allows diners to experience a wide variety of dishes and find the flavors that suit your palate. If you are looking for a delicious meal that will fill everybody in your group, our lunch menu offers all types of food so it’ll be easy for vegetarian visitors to keep their diet on this fun trip.

Dinner Menu

If you plan on visiting for dinner, we have a lot of excellent vegetarian options that will provide an incredibly satisfying experience for the entire meal. Without further ado, see our list of recommendations for vegetarian dining during dinner.

Vegetarian Appetizers

Want to get started with some delicious appetizers? Here are some delicious vegetarian foods to get you going:

  • Vegetable Samosas: These crispy brown pastries are stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas. This warm pocket of goodness comes packed with the perfect blend of flavors.
  • Vegetable Pakoras: These are lightly battered fritters that are deep fried. They give you a nice crispy taste full of vegetables that are absolutely delicious.

Vegetarian Indian Dishes

After you’ve started with either vegetable samosas or vegetable pakoras, you can move on to your main dish. We have a large selection of vegetarian entrees that are sure to make your mouth water. Here is a look at some favorites:

  • Aloo Gobi: This is a dish of cauliflower and baked potatoes cooked in a dry blend of spices.
  • Matter Paneer: This home made cottage cheese blended mildly in a spiced sauce has a curry-like consistency. It is a delicious meal that goes incredibly well with naan.
  • Kali Dal: This dish is a north Indian favorite. It features slow cooked black lentils with a nice medley of spices.

Don’t Forget The Naan

An Indian dish is not complete without naan. Naan is a delicious bread also known as tandoor bread. We offer a wide variety of naan that will give you a bite that is flavored in different ways. Our garlic naan is a popular option, which is roasted with garlic spice. Kabuli naan is garnished with sweet cherries and cashews. Allo naan is stuffed with lightly spiced potatoes. All of these options will give your meal the perfect blend of flavors.

Dine With Tamba Lounge On Your Vegas Visit

Ready to give your group the absolute best eating experience in Vegas? Be sure to stop by the Tamba Lounge and have a taste of India. Our skillful chefs are able to bring you lively meals full of flavor and passion. If you’d like to get a fresh taste of our authentic, yet innovative, dishes, you can schedule a reservation.

Call us today to schedule a reservation or to ask us about our menu!


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