Indian Cooking Tips

Indian Cooking Tips

Indian food, when well-prepared, boasts some of the most delicious recipes you can find. Utilizing a wide variety of ingredients with some of the most flavorful spices in the world, Indian food stands out amongst the rest in the way it blends together different flavors and textures into its dishes. Preparing the perfect Indian dish takes a great deal of technique and expertise, but it’s not impossible to cook quality Indian food on your own. As such, we wanted to provide some tips to help improve your Indian food at home!

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Our Top Indian Food Cooking Tips


  • Add Oil to Your Rice: If you add a few drops of oil to your uncooked rice, it won’t come out sticky when it’s finished.
  • Softer Chapattis: You can make softer chapattis by adding warm water and warm milk to the flour, then kneading the dough. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes and then you can begin making your chapattis.
  • Keep Leftover Water: If you’ve boiled vegetables in water, don’t throw away the leftover water. You can use that water to make different gravies.
  • Chopping Dry Fruit: As chopping dry fruit can be challenging, try freezing the fruits first, and dipping your knife in hot water just before cutting them.
  • Fry Your Seasonings:  To get the most flavor out of your seasonings, fry them until they change color.
  • Add Water Before Boiling Milk: Be sure to add a little water to the vessel before you boil milk, as it will help prevent burning.

The Best Indian Food in Las Vegas!

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