What is Raita?

While we all love Indian cuisine, the spices can be a bit much for some. Fortunately for those who love Indian food but can’t take the heat, you can complement your meal with raita for both an extra touch of flavor and to keep your mouth cool while eating. Raita is comprised of salted yogurt

What Are Curry leaves?

Though many will find it surprising, curry leaves are actually quite different from the popular curry powder, which is a ground spice mix also used in many Indian dishes. Curry leaves, on the other hand, are exactly that: leaves from the curry leaf plant (not curry plant). Regardless, these leaves have remained a staple in

Best Tips for Cooking Indian Food

When it comes to cooking, there’s always some type of trick or tip to help you get just the right taste. In this regard, cooking Indian food can be a bit challenging due to the strong aroma and delicate subtleties of taste. Like any art, it’s a long road to mastery, but there are certain

Things to Do: 10 Upcoming Events in Las Vegas

Here at Tamba Lounge, we offer some of the best Indian cuisine you can find in Las Vegas. We’ve worked hard to develop a menu and dishes that both pay tribute to Indian tradition and put a new twist on the cuisine. Of course, to ensure everyone enjoys their stay on the Strip, we always

Vegetarian Dining In Las Vegas

People tend to visit Las Vegas in groups. While this makes the experience fun, it can be difficult to plan out meals when you all have different diets. If you are vegetarian, or have people in your group who are vegetarian, it can be a struggle to find the right restaurant for everybody. Luckily, there

5 Things to Do Outside Las Vegas

Whether you’re a long time resident, or visiting for the weekend, you may not want to spend all your time in the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip. When most people think of Vegas, they think of flashing lights, sparkling show girls, bottomless drinks and hotel casinos, however, there is a softer side

Spring Break in Las Vegas with Tamba Lounge

Whether you’re coming in for a vacation or you’re a long time local, spring break is an exciting time in Las Vegas, NV. As the weather begins to warm and kids and parents get a small reprieve from school routines, everyone is in a great mood and ready to explore! Las Vegas boasts an impressive,

5 Strange Indian Delicacies

If you’ve ever eaten Indian food, you’ll know just how many different tastes, textures and flavors are a part of the cuisine. In fact, research has shown that the inclusion of such varying flavors is exactly what makes Indian food so delicious. However, considering that most people think of Indian food as curried meats, veggies

Why Indian Food is So Delicious

Indian food is revered around the world for its spicy, fiery dishes and, when prepared correctly, transports eaters to a world of dynamic flavors and complexity. Anyone who’s ever eaten Indian food will tell you to expect surprising textures and pairings within the cuisine, but as you read on, you’ll see that this is exactly

Healthy Indian Dishes for the New Year

With the holidays winding down and the new year approaching, many are hoping to cut back on unhealthy food and replace them with some healthier options. That said, cutting back doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality food in the process. There are many Indian food dishes that can provide a healthy meal without any